Personal Protective Equipment Refresher, Online Training Format

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Personal Protective Equipment RefresherThe Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) requires employers to ensure the health and safety of their workers by identifying specific hazards in the workplace and taking steps to minimize and eliminate these risks.

As part of this initiative, OSHA mandates that employers provide and pay for almost all personal protective equipment (PPE) that employees are required to use in specific situations and workplaces. But even the most advanced PPE will not protect workers if the equipment is not used properly, and even experienced employees require periodic retraining in correct PPE use.

This course retrains employees in the proper use and maintenance of various types of PPE, the safety equipment that can prevent injuries and save lives.

All employees required to wear and maintain personal protective equipment in the workplace.

60 minutes

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To review policies and procedures for choosing, wearing, and maintaining personal protective equipment in the workplace.

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Personal Protective Equipment Refresher

Table of Contents

  • Chapter 1: Instructions
    • Page 1
  • Course Objectives
  • Chapter 2: Introduction
    • Safety First!
      • Page 2
    • OSHA Standards
      • Page 3
  • Chapter 3: Upper-Body Personal Protective Equipment
    • Page 4
    • Protective Eyewear
      • Page 5, 6
    • Proper Use of Safety Glasses
      • Page 7
    • Proper Use of Goggles
      • Page 8
    • Corrective Lenses
      • Page 9
    • Face Shields
      • Page 10
    • Cleaning And Maintaining Your Protective Eyewear
      • Page 11, 12
    • Protecting Your Hearing
      • Page 13, 14
    • Caring for your Hearing Protection
      • Page 15
    • Respiratory Equipment
      • Page 16
    • Air-Purifying Respirators
      • Page 17
    • Atmosphere-Supplying Respirators
      • Page 18
    • Fit Testing of Face Masks
      • Page 19
    • Maintaining Your Respiratory Equipment: Inspection
      • Page 20
    • Maintaining Your Respiratory Equipment: Cleaning
      • Page 21
    • Maintaining Your Respiratory Equipment: Storage
      • Page 22, 23
    • Head Protection
      • Page 24, 25
    • Requirements for Head Protection
      • Page 26
    • Headgear Maintenance
      • Page 27
    • Hand Protection
      • Page 28
    • Types of Gloves
      • Page 29
    • Chemical-Resistant Gloves
      • Page 30
    • Choosing the Right Gloves
      • Page 31, 32, 33, 34, 35, 36, 37, 38
  • Chapter 4: Lower-Body Personal Protective Equipment
    • Page 39
    • Full-Body PPE
      • Page 40
    • Hazards of Wearing Full-Body Gear
      • Page 41
    • Protecting against Foot and Leg Injuries
      • Page 42, 43
    • Protective Equipment for Feet and Legs
      • Page 44
    • Proper Use and Care of Footwear and Leg Protection
      • Page 45, 46, 47, 48
  • Chapter 5: Using Full-Body Protection
    • Page 49
    • Putting on Full-Body Protection
      • Page 50
    • Taking off Full-Body Protection
      • Page 51, 52
    • Decontaminating your Protective Gear
      • Page 53
    • Care and Maintenance of PPE
      • Page 54
    • Cleaning and Maintaining your Protective Clothing
      • Page 55, 56, 57
  • Chapter 6: Conclusion
    • Page 58
  • Chapter 7: Time to Review
    • Page 59
  • Exam (multiple choice)

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