No Collision Zone, Online Training Suite

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No Collision Zone Online Training SuiteThis suite of online courses is designed for individuals who drive for business purposes. Courses within the suite address the basic principles of road safety, the daily challenges and road hazards that trigger accidents or other careless driving, and the additional hazards that challenge drivers while sharing the road. The courses work together to reinforce the driver’s awareness of the things he or she does right and wrong, and to ultimately help the driver routinely select the skills and behaviors that produce a reliable driving experience.

Adults who are licensed and authorized to operate, on behalf of their employer, company-issued or owned private passenger vehicles, vans, or light trucks weighing less than 10,000 lbs.

  • The No Collision Zone: Making Smart Driving Choices
  • The No Collision Zone: The Habits of Safe Drivers

60-80 minutes

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