Indemnification and Contractual Liability, Online Training Format

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  • 1.75 HRCI Credits
  • 1.75 SHRM PDCs
  • 2.0 Florida CLE Credits
  • 1.0 OPP or ELECTIVES, CAM Distance
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Indemnification and Contractual LiabilityLegal liability can be defined as an obligation, created by law, which creates a duty upon a person or entity to act or refrain from acting in a particular manner. Breach of that duty exposes the responsible party to financial loss if that breach results in injury or damage to another party.

This course addresses how to limit an organization's liability to third parties as a result of unintentional injury or property damage by using contractual “risk transfer.” Risk transfer, a widely used risk management tool, is triggered by indemnification and hold harmless agreements, and this course describes and clarifies the obligations and benefits they impose.

Business Owners, Executives, Risk Managers, and Insurance Professionals

105 minutes

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To address the benefits and risks of indemnification and hold harmless agreements.


  • Insurance Requirements


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Indemnification and Contractual Liability

Table of Contents

  • Course Objectives
  • Preface
  • Introduction
  • Chapter 1: Legal Liabilities
    • Page 1
    • How to Reduce Liabilities
      • Page 2
    • Indemnification and Hold Harmless Agreements -Overview
      • Page 3, 4
    • Indemnification and Hold Harmless Agreements -Risk to Indemnitor
      • Page 5, 6, 7
    • Indemnification and Hold Harmless Agreements -Example
      • Page 8, 9, 10
  • Chapter 2: Contracts and Enforceability
    • Page 11
    • Criteria
      • Page 12
    • The Courts
      • Page 13
    • Statute of Limitations
      • Page 14
    • Verbal Contracts
      • Page 15
    • Contracts That Must Be In Writing
      • Page 16, 17
  • Chapter 3: Indemnification Agreements Overview
    • Page 18
    • Transferring Civil Liabilities
      • Page 19, 20
    • Anti-Indemnity Statutes
      • Page 21, 22
    • Third PartiesRight to Enforce Agreement
      • Page 23, 24
    • Enforceability
      • Page 25, 26, 27
    • Jurisdictional Conflicts
      • Page 28
    • Questions to Consider
      • Page 29
    • Risks to the Indemnitee
      • Page 30
    • Risks to the Indemnitee
      • Page 31
    • Learning Activity
      • Page 32
  • Chapter 4: Types of Indemnification Agreements
    • Overview
      • Page 33
    • Broad Indemnity
      • Page 34
    • Broad Indemnity - Overview
      • Page 35
    • Broad Indemnity -Features
      • Page 36
    • Broad Indemnity- Limitations
      • Page 37
    • Intermediate Indemnity -Overview
      • Page 38
    • Intermediate Indemnity -Features
      • Page 39
    • Limited Indemnity -Overview
      • Page 40
    • Limitation of Liability Clauses -Features
      • Page 41, 42
    • Limitation of Liability Clauses -Limitations
      • Page 43
    • Limitation of Liability -Clauses
      • Page 44, 45
  • Chapter 5: Insurance and Indemnification Agreements
    • Page 46
    • Questions to Consider
      • Page 47
    • Insurance Company Obligations
      • Page 48
    • CGL PoliciesOverview
      • Page 49, 50
    • Insured ContractsOverview
      • Page 51
    • How to Secure Financial Obligations
      • Page 52
    • Are Certificates of Insurance Binding Instruments?
      • Page 53
    • Additional Insured -Overview
      • Page 54
    • Additional Insured -Liability for Negligence
      • Page 55
    • Additional Insured -Coverage
      • Page 56
    • Additional Insured -Benefits
      • Page 57
    • Additional Insured -Coverage Limitations
      • Page 58
  • Chapter 6: Conclusion
    • Page 59
  • Chapter 7: Quiz
    • Page 60
  • Quiz (multiple choice)
  • Chapter 8: Time to Review
    • Page 61

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