Hazing: A Dangerous Lie, Online Training Format

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Hazing: A Dangerous LieThe always humiliating and often dangerous activities associated with hazing persist among organizations, teams, and clubs at all levels of society. Though virtually every member of a group has heard at least one hazing horror story, the misconception that "nothing is going to happen to me and my friends" persists. This course explores the myth that hazing is the best method of promoting strong ties of friendship and loyalty among group members. By conveying the facts about hazing and showing the life-altering effects it can have on those who participate in it, the course inspires individuals to prevent and resist it. The course also includes real-life examples of hazing incidents, interviews of those whose lives have been affected by hazing, and testimony from a parent whose son died as a result of hazing.

Prospective and current members of social and professional organizations, athletic teams, and clubs

45 minutes

To teach current and prospective members of professional organizations, clubs, and teams about the dangers of hazing and to instruct them in how to identify and prevent hazing within their organizations.

After completing this course, the learner will be able to:

  • define hazing, understand the reasons it occurs, and give examples of it;
  • recognize its potentially deadly consequences;
  • explain the legal ramifications of hazing; and
  • avoid involvement in hazing activities.


  1. The Myths and Facts about Hazing
  2. Types of Hazing
  3. Why People Haze and Participate in Hazing
  4. The Legal Ramifications of Hazing
  5. How to Prevent and Resist Hazing

The following forms/documents can be downloaded and/or printed:

  • State Laws on Hazing
  • Anti-Hazing Policy

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