Food Safety: Maintaining Personal Hygiene, Online Training Format

This course teaches employees of food service establishments the correct practices for maintaining personal hygiene that can prevent contamination and foodborne illness.
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Food Safety: Maintaining Personal HygieneFood service establishments must take every precaution to prevent an outbreak of illness resulting from contaminated food, and nothing counts more toward this effort than the personal hygiene of those who work around food.  A study of 81 foodborne illness outbreaks showed that almost 90 percent of them involved the spread of disease to food by workers’ unclean hands. That’s why all employees who work around food and food-contact surfaces must be trained in good hygiene practices, especially thorough handwashing, and be held accountable for following them.  This course identifies those practices that employees must follow to maintain a level of personal hygiene that can keep them healthy and prevent outbreaks of foodborne illness in the workplace (Discounts are available for Enterprise Training by calling us at 1-800-521-9667).

All food preparation and food service employees who have contact with food, the equipment used to prepare food, and the surfaces where food is prepared or served.

30 minutes

To teach employees of food service establishments the correct practices for maintaining personal hygiene that can prevent contamination and foodborne illness.

After completing this course, the learner will be able to:

  • explain the role of personal hygiene in preventing contamination and foodborne illness;
  • identify the hygiene practices that employees of food service establishments should follow before reporting to work and while at work;
  • identify the physical conditions that require employees to stay away from the workplace;
  • recognize the instances when employees are required to wash their hands;
  • identify and follow the steps of proper handwashing; and
  • identify the correct procedures for using gloves.

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  1. Correct Hygiene Practices for Foodhandlers at Home and at Work
  2. When to Report Illness and Stop Working
  3. The Basics of Hand Hygiene
  4. Effective Hand Washing Techniques
  5. Proper Use of Hand Sanitizers
  6. Proper Use of Foodhandling Gloves

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Food Safety: Maintaining Personal Hygiene

Table of Contents

  • Chapter 1: Instructions
    • Page 1
  • Course Objectives
  • Chapter 2: Introduction
    • Page 2
  • Chapter 3: Grooming and Personal Habits
    • Page 3
    • Personal Hygiene: Your Hair
      • Page 4
    • Personal Hygiene: Clothing
      • Page 5
    • Personal Hygiene: Jewelry
      • Page 6, 7
    • Personal Hygiene: Fingernails
      • Page 8
    • Personal Hygiene: Covering Wounds
      • Page 9, 10, 11
    • Employee Activities
      • Page 12
    • Returning to Work after a Break
      • Page 13
    • Reporting Illness
      • Page 14
    • Reporting Illness
      • Page 15, 16, 17, 18
  • Chapter 4: Hand Hygiene
    • Page 19
    • Hand Hygiene
      • Page 20
    • When to Wash Your Hands: When Handling Food
      • Page 21
    • When to Wash Your Hands: After Performing Duties
      • Page 22
    • When to Wash Your Hands: Following Personal Activities
      • Page 23, 24
    • Where to Wash Your Hands
      • Page 25
    • Handwashing Sinks
      • Page 26
    • How to Wash Your Hands: Steps 1-3
      • Page 27
    • How to Wash Your Hands: Steps 4-5
      • Page 28, 29
    • When to Use Hand Sanitizers
      • Page 30
    • How to Use Hand Sanitizers
      • Page 31
    • Gloves
      • Page 32, 33, 34
    • Proper Use of Gloves
      • Page 35
    • Bare-hand Contact with Food
      • Page 36
    • Training and Acknowledgment
      • Page 37, 38, 39, 40
  • Chapter 5: Conclusion
    • Page 41
  • Chapter 6: Time to Review
    • Page 42
  • Exam (multiple choice)