Conducting Elections of Condominium Board Members, Online Training Format

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*Includes Applicable 2016 Legislative Updates

Conducting Elections of Condominium Board MembersThe quality of life in a condominium is determined largely by the quality of the leaders who manage it. Effective leaders of common interest communities must have a thorough knowledge of both the state statutes that govern the actions of condominium boards and their association’s bylaws and must apply these with impartiality and integrity at all times. The consequences of failure can be severe, resulting in legal and financial penalties for individuals as well as a decline in the value of association members’ most valuable assets—their homes. This course provides comprehensive explanations of the State of Florida’s laws on conducting condominium board elections in clear, everyday language. With this knowledge, learners will be able to execute their leadership roles in condominium associations wisely and professionally. (Discounts are available for Condominium Boards or Property Management Companies by calling us at 1-800-521-9667).

Directors, Officers, and members of condominium associations.

120 minutes

To instruct Directors, Officers, and members of condominium associations in the process of conducting elections to the condominium board of administration that comply with Florida law and the association’s own bylaws.

After completing this course, the learner will be able to:

  • assist in the transfer of control of the association from the condominium developer to unit owners;
  • apply the statutory provisions for determining eligibility for election to leadership positions in condominium associations;
  • notify unit owners of upcoming elections in a manner consistent with statutory requirements;
  • prepare and distribute election ballots properly;
  • conduct election procedures in a manner that ensures statutory compliance, fairness, and adherence to the association’s bylaws;
  • implement an internet-based online voting system;
  • tabulate election results accurately and transparently;
  • determine when elections are not required;
  • conduct runoff elections in adherence with statutory requirements;
  • distinguish those situations when proxies can and cannot be used in elections;
  • follow the correct legal procedures for petitioning for the appointment of a receiver for the condominium association; and
  • remove from office a board member and fill the resultant vacancy in a manner consistent with statutory provisions and the association’s bylaws.

If you're not completely satisfied with the quality of our courses, we will refund your money - guaranteed. Click here for detailsTOPICS COVERED

  1. The Transition of Control of a Condominium Association from the Developer to Unit Owners
  2. Determining Eligibility Service on Condominium Association Boards
  3. Giving Unit Owners Proper Notice of Elections
  4. Conducting Board Elections and Tabulating Results
  5. State Regulations on Using Proxies and Appointing Receivers
  6. Removing a Board Member from Office

This course (approval number: 9626083) has been approved for 2.00 hours of continuing education credit in the areas of HR or ELECTIVES (ONLINE) by the Regulatory Council of Community Association Managers of the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation. For more information about continuing education for Community Association Managers, visit the Council's homepage at

Conducting Elections of Condominium Board Members

Table of Contents

  • Chapter 1: Instructions
      • Page 1, 2
  • Course Objectives
  • Chapter 2: Introduction
    • Page 3, 4
  • Chapter 3: Preparation for Elections
    • Page 5
    • Defining the Developer
      • Page 6
    • The Role of the Developer
      • Page 7
    • Transition of Authority to Unit Owners
      • Page 8
    • Transition of Authority to Unit Owners
      • Page 9, 10
    • Eligibility and Ineligibility for Election to the Board
      • Page 11
    • Eligibility of Convicted Felons for Board Membership
      • Page 12
    • Eligibility for Service on the Board
      • Page 13, 14
    • Beginning the Transition
      • Page 15
    • Before the Election
      • Page 16
    • Conducting the Election at a Unit Owner Meeting
      • Page 17
    • First Notice of the Election
      • Page 18
    • Second Notice of Election
      • Page 19
    • Posting Notice of the Election Meeting on the Condominium Property
      • Page 20
    • Notification Requirements
      • Page 21, 22, 23
    • Preparing the Ballots
      • Page 24
    • Appearance of Election Ballots
      • Page 25
    • Ballots Distributed to Unit Owners before the Meeting
      • Page 26, 27, 28, 29, 30
  • Chapter 4: Conducting the Election and Tabulating Results
    • Returning the Completed Ballot
      • Page 31, 32
    • Voting at the Meeting
      • Page 33
    • Verifying Signatures
      • Page 34
    • Gathering the Completed Ballots
      • Page 35
    • Opening the Ballot Envelopes
      • Page 36
    • Internet-Based Online Voting
      • Page 37, 38, 39, 40, 41, 42, 43
    • Tabulating the Votes and Determining the Winners
      • Page 44
    • Who Tabulates the Votes?
      • Page 45
    • The Role of the Condominium Ombudsman
      • Page 46
    • Retaining Election Records
      • Page 47, 48
    • When Are Elections Not Required?
      • Page 49
    • More Board Vacancies than Candidates
      • Page 50
    • Vacancies between Regular Elections
      • Page 51
    • Runoff Elections
      • Page 52, 53, 54
    • The Use of Proxies at Meetings and Board Elections
      • Page 55, 56
    • Declaration of Condominium vs. the Condominium Act
      • Page 57, 58, 59
      • Page 60, 61
  • Chapter 5: Election-Related Issues
    • Joining the Board
      • Page 62, 63
    • Length of Service on the Board
      • Page 64
    • Staggered Terms
      • Page 65
    • Determining the Number of Members on the Board
      • Page 66
    • Length of Service on a Condominium Board
      • Page 67
    • Outgoing Board and Committee Members
      • Page 68, 69
    • Appointing a Receiver
      • Page 70
    • Appointing a Receiver: Issuing a Notice of Intent
      • Page 71
    • The Appointment of a Receiver
      • Page 72, 73
    • Removal from the Board
      • Page 74, 75, 76, 77
    • The Board’s Failure to Follow Up a Recall Notice
      • Page 78
    • Removal from the Board
      • Page 79
    • The Board’s Failure to Act
      • Page 80
    • Challenging a Recall
      • Page 81
    • Challenging the Election Process
      • Page 82
    • Vacancies Created by Removal from the Board
      • Page 83, 84, 85, 86
  • Chapter 6: Conclusion
    • Page 87
  • Chapter 7: Time to Review
    • Page 88

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